Indoor Volleyball Leagues year round

SUMMER LEAGUE IS THE NEXT SESSION WE'RE ACCEPTING TEAMS FOR...                                                


  The session starts the week of may 28th with league competition running wednesday and Thursday nights.  The session costs $100.00 per team, plus a $50.00 forfeiture fee.  (Team applications will be accepted with full payment only).  This session will last 12 weeks.  If your team plays in our summer league you will be guaranteed a spot in our fall league and you will get $75.00 off of the fall league fee. That means you can play in the summer league (12 weeks) for $25.00.  


You will be guaranteed to play all of your matches.

You will not have to play any of your matches in rain, mud or mosquitos.

        We look forward to seeing your team this summer.  If you have any questions, please feel free to call josh or Peter at 242-1888.

Volleyball Schedules

Monday Night

Tuesday night

wednesday night

thursday night

volleyball league rules


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